About Us

The value of a company is not what it promises, but what it delivers. From our modest beginnings, Homestead Outdoor Products has kept one goal in mind—simplicity. Untainted by complexity, our products—like our values—have withstood the test of time. In 1991, we began constructing fence panels on our property, as a supplemental income stream for our family. Over time, the craftsmanship and excellence we provided with each product we sold enabled us to move on from farming and to form what is now Homestead Outdoor Products. As a supplier of commercial and residential fencing products, Homestead Outdoor Products has become a go-to source for complete lines of the highest-quality, low-maintenance vinyl and aluminum products for residential contractors, including chain-link and split-rail fencing, vinyl and aluminum railings, decks, and gates. Industry and government contractors also have turned to Homestead Outdoor Products for commercial fencing, including rail and chain-link. We have constructed fencing for everything from access control/athletic fields and farm fields to security and ornamental applications.
Our goal at Homestead Outdoor Products is to equip and educate area contractors on the best products and best installation practices for fencing, decking, and more. In turn, our contractors are able to protect and beautify their customers’ property by offering quality products and the highest level of workmanship and customer service.